About Fieldinsight

Fieldinsight, an innovative and bespoke solution was created to solve key supply chain issues. It helps to collect this data in a structured manner using mobile and IoT devices in an environment that is connected to the internet. Fieldinsight then aggregates and represents this data through visualizations to help businesses make the best decisions.


To empower businesses by helping their operations in the field be data driven.


To transition businesses in Africa to having organized data about their operations in the field.

Our Core Values


Though you are part of an elite team, lack a false sense of pride because it is impossible to know everything. Grab every opportunity to learn from each other and clients. Have integrity, be fair, trust and respect one another.

Standards and Responsilbility

Provide top notch service based on the feedback and standards set by customers.

Service Comes first

This attitude must reflect commitment to providing supply chain visibility services at all times. Fieldinsight ninjas are committed to delivering outstanding service to businesses when clients need it.

Compete with passion

Supporting a winning culture in the organization results in extraordinary delivery. It impacts the business positively as it maximizes everyone’s potential.

Learn and Innovate

Always become better versions of ourselves, take risks, be eager to learn continuously from customers and though mistakes are welcome, the same mistakes are never made twice.

Be yourself and have fun

Establishing a fun workplace improves retention, building relationships with co-workers, boosting employee morale and creating unexpected moments. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are not just doing a job, we are doing the things we love.

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