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Test Question

Build a simple application (Front-end (Web or Mobile) and Back-end) that allows a user to register, login and add hobbies. The application would send an email and SMS notification to the user for each hobby they create.

Submission Instructions

  1. Create a Bit bucket account and a repository where your code is uploaded for evaluation. This is a free service. Watch the video below to guide you
  2. Use wireframes image on next page as a guide.
  3. Mandatory languages: Front end (Choose one of ReactJS, Vue, ReactNative, Nativescript-Vue), Back end (Sails.js)
  4. For Email and SMS notification use free services like Amazon SES and Twilo
  5. Create a link to the application hosted on Heroku. This is also a free service.Watch the video below to guide you
  6. Submit the links requested in the form

If you have any questions please reach out using [email protected]

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