Delivery Data

Create, schedule and assign orders

Plan your deliveries ahead. Create and schedule orders then assign to be delivered by your riders/drivers.

Live map and location tracking

While your goods are in transit, view the location of your delivery personnel on an intuitive live-map in near real-time in addition to proximity notifications.

Electronic proof of


Once goods have delivered, capture pictures of the waybills to confirm delivery and close orders faster.



Electronic Proof-of-Delivery

Receive electronic delivery confirmation with signature and photos when goods have been delivered and close out orders faster.

Live Map

Monitor all your vehicles on a single digital map, updated in near real-time. Track your vehicle’s current location, anytime, anywhere via the Live Map and watch a replay of where they’ve been later on if you missed it.

Create and schedule orders

Create and schedule orders individually or in bulk by importing a list.  Assign deliveries to drivers/riders at will.

Instant Notifications

Get real-time email updates on your delivery — for you and your customers.

Report Generation and Export

Data is collected into our cloud based database which is available 24X7.  Generate reports on specific datasets and share by exporting in excel format.

Audit Trail

Use for record keeping, have a digital audit trail using all created and closed orders.

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Location Capture

Automatically capture the location of your customers when you make a delivery and see them on a map. Manage your team smarter, optimise your distribution operations by creating journey plans.

Electronic Proof-of-Delivery

Capture and save images of physical waybills and close orders faster.

Customer Feedback

Collect and save customer feedback about the status of items delivered.

Push Notifications

Notifications are sent out to all the stakeholders involved at all stages of an order.


Signature capture or an OTP (One-Time-Password) code to close orders to ensure that the intended recipient receives the order.

Geotags & Timestamps

Geotags and timestamps let you know where and when your drivers/riders delivered goods and closed orders.

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